For over 30 years we have been exploring limestone karst regions in Thailand and have investigated and discovered hundreds of caves. The longest and most spectacular cave systems are close to the Lodge, in Pang Mapha District of Mae Hong Son Province. We know where they are – we found them, and in many cases, named them. Some caves are extraordinarily massive, with incredible formations. See our caving photos to get an idea of what types of caves tunnel under our area and the quality of the stunning formations they contain.

Stroll to the nearby Tham Lod cave with its awesome caverns, prehistoric 1,700-year-old coffins, and bamboo rafting. Experience the amazing Bird Show when 300,000 swifts return to nest in the cave each evening. Or join in a full-day guided adventure to one or several of the incredible caves in our wilderness area. Our expert guides can take you through world-class passages.

We select only robust active caves for our adventure tours and avoid sensitive areas with particularly fragile formations or endangered cave life. All visitors to caves are encouraged to abide by ethical caving guidelines which are displayed at Cave Lodge.

For those whom caving is a passion, we can guide you through kilometres of spectacular stream caves, or, you can use our maps and find your own! How about unexplored vertical caves? Want to drop into the Spirit Well, a 100m deep collapsed cave with an untouched, primaeval forest at the base? For serious adventures like these, you will need your own ropes, equipment, and team. The area has the potential for discovering unexplored systems. Read our brief background info below for a better idea of the possibilities.

Full day adventure caving tours start from 1200 Baht per person (minimum 3 people) and include caving equipment, guide, and lunch.

We can also organize multi-day and specialist trips for individuals and groups including schools and clubs. We have special rates for school groups and programs that can include caving, kayaking and hill tribe trekking.

Join one of our regular trips or go exploring with other guests using our free MAP

All trips depart regularly, depending on weather conditions and interest. To book either phone or email us or just turn up and we will get you on the next trip. We usually organize trips the evening before departure when we can confirm the numbers interested in a particular trip. If you arrive in a group of 4-5 or more people, we can arrange any trip at short notice if the weather conditions permit (during periods of heavy rain we cannot run trips to some stream caves).